Forest Kindergarten Part 2 : Experiences and results.

Forest Kindergarten Part 2 : Experiences and results.
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This is the title of Part 2 of the documentary film "FOREST KINDERGARTENS IN GERMANY"... mehr
Produktinformationen "Forest Kindergarten Part 2 : Experiences and results."

This is the title of Part 2 of the documentary film

In this film, which is a continuation of Part 1, first conclusions are drawn from the first three years of operation. Additionally, new insights as well as answers to frequently asked questions are provided on this subject.

This film focuses on:

  • The role and self-concept of nursery staff in a woodland environment
  • The behaviour of children from forest kindergartens in primary schools
  • The purpose and importance of role plays in woodland and greenspace
  • How to deal with ticks and fox tapeworm
  • The impact of forest kindergartens on other areas such as class design ("forest classrooms"), school architecture, etc. Children are having their say as well as nursery teachers, educational experts and scientists who have looked into the above subjects.
  • One of the issues discussed is, for example, the school readiness of children who have attended forest kindergartens.

In addition, there are plenty of new impressions to gather:

  • Forest children in the rain
  • Forest kindergartens in ice and snow
  • Saint Nick's visit to the forest kindergarten

Running time: 34 min.

See the trailer:


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